Communalytic is a New Online Community Analyzer.

It’s a research tool designed to collect, analyze and visualize public data from various data sources.


Collect public posts from various social media platforms or import your own datasets


Conduct 'toxicity' analysis on posts and replies using a machine learning API that assesses the perceived impact a comment might have on a conversation.


Visualize "who replies to whom" signed social networks from your data with each tie storing toxicity-related weights.

Edu Version

For existing edu-users:

Features for Edu Account
STORAGE: storage for 3 datasets
CSV IMPORT: not supported
Facebook/Instagram API (with CrowdTangle Account): Coming soon
Twitter API (v2.0): Coming soon
Reddit API: live collection for 7 consecutive days

Pro Version

For existing pro-users:

Features for Pro Account (community-supported)
STORAGE: storage for 50 datasets
CSV IMPORT: Import of an existing dataset from a CSV file
Facebook/Instagram API (with CrowdTangle Account): Comming soon
Twitter API (v2.0): Coming soon
Reddit API: live collection for 31 consecutive days
ACCOUNT TYPE: 6-month subscription (C$289.00)

Resources to learn how to use Communalytic in your own research:

Gruzd, A., Mai, P., Vahedi, Z. (2020). Studying Anti-Social Behaviour on Reddit with CommunalyticSageSubmissions. Preprint. 

How to cite:

If you are using Communalytic in a publication, please cite us as:

Gruzd, A., & Mai, P. (2020). Communalytic: Program for Community Analysis in Reddit. Available at