Communalytic is an Online Community Analyzer
for Studying Anti-Social Behaviour

Communalytic can collect, analyze and visualize public data from various social media platforms and can automatically detect and isolate a variety of toxic and anti-social interactions in online conversations. 


Collect public posts from various social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, or import your own dataset


Conduct 'toxicity' analysis using a machine learning API from Google that assesses the perceived impact a comment might have on a conversation


Discover and visualize a who-replies-to-whom 'signed' social network from your dataset with each tie storing toxicity-related scores

Case Studies and Tutorials

Toxicity Analysis of a Twitter Thread: Analyzing Replies to President Trump’s Tweet about Contracting the Novel Coronavirus

Gruzd, A., Mai, P., Vahedi, Z. (2020). Studying Anti-Social Behaviour on Reddit with Communalytic. SageSubmissions. Preprint. 

New to Communalytic? We have prepared a number of video and text-based tutorials to help you get started.

Features for Edu Version

Reddit API: live collection for 7 consecutive days
Twitter Threads: up to 5k tweets per dataset
CSV IMPORT: not supported
Facebook/Instagram API (with CrowdTangle Account): Coming soon

Features for Pro Version

Reddit API: live & historic collection for 31 consecutive days
Twitter Threads: up to 500k tweets per month (limit set by Twitter API 2.0)
CSV IMPORT: Import of an existing dataset from a CSV file
Facebook/Instagram API (with CrowdTangle Account): Comming soon
ACCOUNT TYPE: 6-month subscription to support site infrastructure (C$289.00)

How to Cite:

If you are using Communalytic in an academic publication, please cite us as: 

Gruzd, A., & Mai, P. (2020). Communalytic: An Online Community Analyzer for Studying Anti-Social Behaviour Available at