Communalytic Pro Can Now Ingest Data From Twitter’s Academic Research Product Track

By Communalytic

Twitter recently launched the free Academic Research Product Track. This is an important new initiative by Twitter to support independent academic research. According to Twitter, “this initial solution is intended to address the most requested, biggest challenges faced when conducting research on the platform.”  

To qualify for access, interested researchers will need to apply via Twitter’s Academic Research application. Qualified researchers will have access to:

  • All v2 endpoints released to date,
  • Historical public Tweets via the full-archive search endpoint,
  • A higher monthly Tweet volume cap of 10M tweets,
  • More precise filtering capabilities which will allow researchers to build more relevant dataset.

Twitter’s Academic Research Product Track ‘Full-Archive Historical Search’ endpoint is now Integrated into Communalytic

Ever since Twitter made the announcement in January, we have been working on a way to provide researchers with resources and infrastructure necessary to access and work with this new data stream. We know from past experiences that not all researchers who qualify for access will have the means to fully support this volume of data.

No coding or API knowledge is required.

Today, we are pleased to announce the integration of the Twitter Academic Research Product Track in Communalytic Pro, our new research tool for studying online communities and online discourse. Communalytic can collect and analyze public data from social media platforms. It uses advanced text and social network analysis techniques to automatically pinpoint toxic and anti-social interactions, identify influencers, map shared interests and the spread of misinformation, and detect signs of possible coordination among seemingly disparate actors.

There are 2 versions of Communalytic, the free Edu version is designed for educators and students to teach and learn about social media data analytics and social network analysis and the Pro Pro version is designed for the academic research community. It provides researchers with the resources and infrastructure necessary for conducting independent research in the public interest. No coding or API knowledge is required.

With the addition of this new data import option, qualified researchers can now use Communalytic Pro to quickly and easily collect, store and analyze data from the full-archive (historical) search’ endpoint available in the Academic Research Product Track.

Below is a list of some of the researcher-friendly features found in Communalytic Pro:

  • A larger account and data cap. To accommodate this new data source, we’ve increased the Pro account data caps from 1M records to 10M (i.e., You can now have 1 dataset with up to 10M records or up to 50 datasets with a variable number of records not exceeding 10M records in total),
  • Automatic server-side data collection. There is no need to set up a dedicated, always-on, computer for data collection and there’s no need to learn how to code just to access the data,
  • Simultaneously run multiple data collectors (two Reddit, one Twitter and one CrowdTangle collector)
  • Automatic conversion of JSON payload from Twitter to a CSV or Excel file for easy data exploration,
  • Seamless integration with additional analysis services such as Google Perspective API for toxicity analysis,
  • Automated discovery of communication network,
  • Ability to export network data as a GraphML file.

For more info, see the FAQ and Tutorials for Communalytic.