Obtaining a Telegram API key

Step 1. Install Telegram App 

Note: This step MUST be completed on a mobile phone

Download and install the Telegram app on your mobile phone and then create a new Telegram account (if you don’t already have one).


Step 2. Create a Telegram Developer Account

Note: Steps 2-11 MUST be completed on a laptop/computer


Once you have a Telegram account, request a Telegram Developer Account using this link: https://my.telegram.org/apps.

Note: To request a Telegram Developer Account, enter the same phone number (international format) that you originally used to create your Telegram account, and Telegram will send you a one-time-use confirmation code (either via a text message or via the Telegram app).


Step 3. Enter Confirmation Code

Enter the confirmation code and sign into your new Telegram Developer Account 


Step 4. Select [API development tools] 

Note: By default, Telegram might skip this step and send you directly to step 5 below.

After you sign into your new Telegram Developer Account, you will be presented with a menu called [Your Telegram Core] which has 3 options, select [API development tools], which will open a new form called [Create a new application]



Step 5. Complete the [Create New Application] Form

To create a new Telegram app, complete the form with the information requested and then hit the [Create application] button.

Note: Under [App title] and [Short name], name it whatever you want. Leave the [URL] and [Description] fields blank and for the [Platform], select [Desktop]


Step 6. Get Two Telegram API Keys 

Once you click the [Create application] button, you will see a new [App configuration] screen which contains two Telegram API keys: [App api_id] and [App api_hash]

Note: Don’t close this page, you will need to copy and enter these keys in Steps 7 and 8. 


Step 7. Launch the Communalytic Telegram Session Key Generator

Now that you have your two Telegram API keys, launch the [Communalytic Telegram Session Key Generator] by clicking on this link: https://telegram-key.communalytic.com/.


Step 8. Enter the Telegram API Keys Into the Communalytic Telegram Session Key Generator

Copy and enter the two Telegram API keys obtained from Step 6, along with the telephone number (international format) that you used to create your telegram account into the [Communalytic Telegram Session Key Generator], and then click the [Send Code] button.


Step 9. Wait for a 5-digit Confirmation Code From Telegram

After clicking [Send Code] button, check your phone for a 5-digit confirmation code. The 5-digit confirmation code is a one-time use only code.

Note: The code will be sent either via text or via the Telegram app.


Step 10. Use the 5-digit Confirmation Code to Generate a Session Key

Enter the 5-digit code into the [Communalytic Telegram Session Key Generator] and click [Generate your Key] button.


Step 11. Copy the Telegram Session Key to Clipboard

Copy the newly generated session key that appeared by clicking on the blue [Copy Session Key to Clipboard] button and then click on the link provided to go to the [Communalytic Profile Page].


Step 12. Sign in to Communalytic and add your new Telegram Session Key

Sign in to Communalytic and go to [My Profile]. Under [My profile], locate the [API Keys] section and click the [Enter Key] button for the [Telegram API] and paste the [Telegram Session Key] copied from Step 11


Step 13. Congratulations! You can now collect posts from public Telegram groups and channels.