Reddit Data Structure

The following table shows data points available in a Reddit dataset as provided by Reddit API:

Field Description Sample Submission Sample Comment Sample Reply 
idUnique identifier for the postq6x0lwhgf14zphgkadlb
dateThe date when the post was created/updated10/12/202110/12/202110/13/2021
authorPoster’s unique username 916farmer_AskMyMom_None
titleSubmission titleSaw this genius on the road today. Wouldn’t it be a shame if their email got overwhelmed with vax fax.
textThe main body of the postWait wait wait. So they don’t want a vaccine card or requirements because they don’t want the government “tracking them”: but will plaster personal information on their car windows?

I mean, I watched Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny use reverse psychology on each other, is there any way we can do that with these guys?
comment_onUnique identifier of the parent post; Note: only available for Comment- and Reply-type postsq6x0lwhgexsg3
typePost type; Possible values are: Submission = a thread starting post, Comment = a reply to a submission, Reply = a reply to a comment or to another replySubmissionCommentReply
scoreThe overall engagement  score assigned to the post based on the total number of up & down votes11934-2
upvote_ratioThe ratio of upvotes out of all votes received by the post; Note: only provided for Submission-type posts0.94
urlURL shared in the submission if applicable; Note: only provided for Submission-type posts
permalinkA persistent URL to the post………
user_link_karmaUser’s link-based karma score816244841
user_comment_karmaUser’s comment-based karma score238653150
user_flairUser’s subreddit-specific “flair” (tag or category); Note: Many subreddits/users don’t use this feature. Also in some subreddits, only their moderators can assign a flair to a user/post.NoneNoneNone
submission_flairFlair” (tag or category) assigned to the submission Note: In some subreddits, only their moderators can assign a flair to a post.None